Thursday, October 21, 2010

***Breaking News***

My dad got a job!!! So what you say? He is 55 and has been out of a job for close to 2 years since the granite shed he was working in closed. Can you imagine? Working hard for 40 years of his life to be let go a mere 10 years before he planned to retire and receive his pension. His unemployment was 1 week from running out after his 2nd extension and after many failed attempts to obtain a job in his field he has taken a $12 an hour job and working weekends. He is grateful, grateful for what he has, not ungrateful for what he has not. For all of us who dislike our jobs it is time to step back and think for a moment….

There are many what if’s in life and sometimes those what if’s might just happen. They have and will happen to many of us.

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